Websites for Non for Profits

Clickk aims to drive positive change through technology. We aim to impact and inspire non-for-profit  organisations to reach new heights. We are committed to  create digital infrastructure to progress and enrich society in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and beyond.

Positively impact and inspire

Every business, whether small or large, has the duty to enrich its customers and community. Our aim is to improve the lives of those in our local community through informed choices and sustainable relationships.

Our holistic and positive approach to web design and problem-solving means that we often align with local Non For Profit businesses. When we choose to engage with clients and projects, we are mindful of their impact on a local, national and international scale. We focus on sustainability, support for minority groups, innovation and projects or initiatives that inspire and encourage. This is why we love to work with and support Non For Profit businesses.

Genuine relationships with NFP

At Clickk, we strive to have a genuine and honest partnership with  Non For Profit businesses. As such, we do not give away work for free or make cash donations. To ensure we have the best possible impact, we must ensure that our work is excellent – to accelerate this positive and meaningful change. Without sacrificing quality, we aim to give  Non For Profit businesses the best digital solution for their budget. We aim to be an integral part of the success of local Non For Profit businesses and could not be happier doing so!

Some local Non For Profits we have worked with…

HWC Lotus St Columba's