Terms and Conditions

By signing the following document, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
1. You relinquish all rights to your current web infrastructure to Clickk Technology for the duration of the build. After the build has been completed and payment has been made, you may modify the website at your own discretion. As a part of this supply agreement, the retention of title is held until such time the full amount of the money owing is totally recovered by Clickk Technology. At that time, the title (ownership) of the property will pass to the purchasor.
2. Any source code, documents, emails or correspondence will not be shared with any third parties or competitors.
3. Clickk Technology will not be held liable for any damages, lawsuits or loss of business which may occur as a result of Clickk Technology’s work.
4. Clickk Technology will not produce nor take part in the production of any content which includes (but not limited to) child pornography, racism, bullying and harassment towards an individual or group, unlawful drugs, religious bias, political opinion or humiliating content.
5. You agree to pay the full amount, as discussed in your initial consultation period.
6. You agree to pay the deposit (if applicable) before work is commenced.
7. Clickk Technology reserves the right to cancel your contract at any time with sufficient reasons.
8. All quotes are valid for the specified time period.  


1. We collect information you have given directly too us. This information may include: Email addresses, name, address, comments, phone numbers and other data.
2. If your device has location services, we may collect your Geographical location.
3. We collect data regarding your interaction with the website. Including (but not limited too) the pages you visit, the duration of your stay, your IP Address, browser and network.


Clickk Technology provides a 30 day warranty period after the website has gone live. Additional changes after this time are charged at an hourly rate, agreed upon by both the client and Clickk Technology.

Browser Compatibility

Clickk Technology creates dynamic websites that work on all supported browsers. This includes all browsers made after 2010. Internet Explorer Version 9 and above.


The client remains responsible for all content and the views on their website does not reflect that of Clickk Technology.