Services & Offerings

Research & Discovery

Discovery is a journey of definition. It is about finding how your company can leverage an idea into a digital revolution. This is when our team and yours sits down to discuss goals, expectations and provides key definitions on how we can create a holistic end product together. When dealing with clickk, you are utilising Software Engineers who aim to get to the bottom of the problem.

Customer Experience

Competitor Analysis

MVP Definitions

User Experience

User Interface


Security Design

Database Design

Design & Implementation

Delivering over 60+ web products to our clients is no easy feat. With differing requirements and end goals, we design with the software principles of extensibility, object oriented programming and an agile methodology in mind. We also utilise trusted graphic designers to deliver branding, visual design and other visual components.


Now comes the fun part! We turn your vision into a reality. You get an iteratively developed digital product in a short timespan. An evolving digital product on the market, is better than no product at all. Once we release your digital product in the ecosystem, we iteratively refine it until you are completely satisfied with the end product. We offer carbon neutral hosting for emails, web applications and websites.

Web App Development

Mobile App Development

Web Development

Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise Resource Planning


Paid Advertising

Email Marketing

Content Generation


Once your product is live, how are you going to showcase it to the world? Luckily, we are a holistic digital agency with experience in the digital marketing industry. We partner with video content producers such as Fisheye Creative to produce stunning videos.

Looking for some help in the digital world?

We also offer general consulting on all things digital. We can meet with you to discuss a current project that you have underway or how we can help with an existing web product. From a one off workshop on digital marketing to a full user experience redesign of your current website, our team can handle it.