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Will custom software make your business more efficient?

At Clickk, we believe in solving problems that will help modern business owners thrive. By enabling your business with technology, we can help produce software that is going to work for you in the real world.

We solve problems for business owners using custom software

We aim to drive positive change through technology, committed to creating digital infrastructure to progress and enrich society.


We Consult

We will take the time to sit down with you and understand your problem. Our team of engineers will listen to you and your team to understand your requirements and specific business needs. 

We Design

We will mock up a few designs that satisfy your requirements and give you the opportunity to have a hands on prototyping experience with your product. 

We Redefine

After the product has been successfully implemented, we will assist with the maintenance of the product. This ensures your investment stays fully functional and relevant. 

Our capabilities

It is rare that one size fits all. Whether you are a start up, an enterprise, B2C or B2B organisation, it is crucial that our custom software solution meets and exceeds your requirements. As such, we offer the following custom software services.

Web Applications

Database Design

Windows Applications

Desktop Applications


3rd Party Applications


One team, one dream

Our team is sharp, local and dynamic. Based in the Hunter Valley, our team aims to integrate with yours to achieve the best results possible. We do this by hiring the best talent and not out sourcing our work.

Trusted by local businesses

What our clients have to say

Talk to us

We're just a bunch of nerds with personality! Clickk an option below to enquire.

I need a website

I require a new website or an update to my existing website to align with my business' goals and objectives

I need more visibility

I want to accelerate growth through a custom tailored digital marketing strategy

I need custom software

My business has complex objectives and I require a customised solution to manage my business

I'm not sure

I need help in the digital world, but I am unsure about my exact needs

Integral part of your team

With Clickk, our team becomes your team. Comprised of diverse individuals,  our culture is defined by the values of  transparency, reliability and honesty. We want your business to achieve – working with you as one.


Frequently Asked Questions

We work with everyone. Whether you are a sole trader, startup, small, medium or nationwide company – we have tailored web design and digital marketing solutions to assist you. We love achieving results and work across a wide range of industries. 

We provide custom WordPress web design solutions to all businesses in all industries. Unfortunately, we will not implement digital marketing strategies for Real Estate, Insurance, Restaurants or Car Sales based businesses. 

We can provide you with the following:

  • Custom made, handcrafted websites to attract new customers and meet the needs of your business
  • Digital Marketing strategies to accelerate growth
  • Custom software solutions to improve workflow and solve problems which your business faces each and every day

Make an informed decision

We know how crucial it is to work with the right digital partner. As such, it is important to have all of the facts and complete transparency. Rest assured that Clickk has the knowledge and experience to deliver a custom software product exactly to your specifications and needs. 

Trust us to deliver on time

We understand the importance of delivering software that is on time and within your budget. We will work with you to set realistic time frame goals and estimates. Clickk will work with you to deliver a product that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them.